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Being new

2010-10-11 23:54:40 by 0976

See. The problem with being new, is that no one knows you x.x. And generally your songs aren't 'top notch' and get pushed back like 60 pages for a single 4 . And again, no one knows you really to look on your profile to listen to your music, write reviews and help you improve your music so that you can reach higher pages. So... Vicious circle?

Anyways! To anyone who may happen to stumble upon this page because they accidentely clicked the wrong button. Hey :O.

To people who aren't on this page by accident (if they exist D:), thanks for actually visiting. Reviews and commentary are definitely appreciated and definitely... wanted :O.

So, here's to two new songs I made in the past few days and hopefully to those to come.

Cheers :D